How to Disconnect Users From QuickBooks

By Andrew Todd

QuickBooks is a financial application that large and small businesses use to oversee their day-to-day finances. The software is configurable to allow a single user or multiple users to access the company file. The software also includes QuickBooks Messenger, which allows users to communicate with one another while working in the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Messenger also provides the administrator of the company file the ability to remotely log any user out of QuickBooks.

Step 1

Log into the company file using your administrator account.

Step 2

Double-click the QuickBooks Messenger icon, located on the system tray next to the clock. The icon has a lowercase "i" with a green dot to the right of it.

Step 3

Click "Actions" at the top of the window and click on "Close Company File for Users."

Step 4

Click the name of the user that you would like to disconnect and click on "Close Company File."