How to Display Statistical Worksheet Functions in Excel

By Danielle Cort

Excel 2007 offers a range of statistical functions to assist you in analyzing data. It includes both descriptive statistical functions, such as means, standard deviations and histograms, and more advanced functions, such as linear regression. Statistical functions are not a standard part of the ribbon when you first install Excel; however, you can add the functions if you need them.

Step 1

Click the Microsoft "Office" button in the top left corner of Excel.

Step 2

Click the "Excel Options" button.

Step 3

Click "Add-Ins" in the list. The window to the right will display all the inactive add-ins that you can add. You do not need to click any of these at this point.

Step 4

Click "Excel Add-Ins" under the Manage section at the bottom and click "Go." You will get a pop-up window with available add-ins.

Step 5

Check the "Analysis ToolPak" box and click "OK." If you get a message that it is not installed and are asked if you want to install it, click "Yes" to install it.

Step 6

Click the "Data" tab on the ribbon to check whether you have the statistical add-in. You should now have an "Analysis" group under the "Data" tab.