How to Do a Three-Way Call on a Uniden Phone

By Nicholas Smith

During a phone call with a friend, family or business contact, you may wish to connect a third person to the call. This is done using a feature called "three-way calling" on your phone. Uniden phone users can activate this feature by using the phone's "Flash" button. Before adding a person to a three-way call, be sure to alert your first caller that you are going add someone into the conversation. Notifying your caller of a three-way call is proper phone etiquette, as they may not want to reveal certain information if someone else is on the line.

Step 1

Answer your phone when a call comes in. Or, make a call to someone.

Step 2

Tell the first caller that you will put them on a three-way call. Click the "Flash" button during your first call to put the first caller on hold. You will get a dial tone. Dial the second number.

Step 3

Press the "Flash" button again once the second caller answers and you alert them that you will put them on a three-way call.

Step 4

Hang up the phone when the call is complete.