How to Download a Video Clip

By Si Kingston

The Web is filled with entertaining videos. You can save videos by adding the page that contains the video to your Favorites or Bookmarks folder, or you can download the videos to the computer. Special software is usually required to accomplish this. There are many programs available including RealPlayer SP, Video Download Toolbar and the software Video Download.

Step 01

Save Web videos with RealPlayer SP. This program recognizes online videos, such as those found on YouTube and other video sites, and provides an option to download the video. The videos are downloaded to the computer and saved in the RealPlayer Library. The program works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome but doesn't work with Apple Safari. This software can be downloaded for free (see "Resources").

Step 11

Install the Video Download Toolbar to start downloading Web videos. The toolbar installs into Internet Explorer toolbar (it doesn't work with Firefox, Chrome or Safari). To download, launch or play the video and then select the "Download Video" button in the toolbar. The videos will then download. Users must can also select the "Auto Download Video" button which will download any video viewed. This program can be downloaded for free (see "Resources").

Step 21

Download online videos with Video Download. This software only works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera and adds a tool in the browser. When watching a video, click the "Download Video" button in the toolbar. The software searches for page for the video file and displays it in a pop-up window. Hit "Download" again to confirm the download for that video. The video will download to your specified save location. This program does add a code to the computer's registry to allow it to call code from a web page. The program can be download for free (see "Resources").

Tips & Warnings

  • For downloaded videos, respect the copyright and not redistribute or use the videos for anything other than personal use.