How to Download Java 1.6 for Mac

By John Smith

Java 2 Platform, or Java Standard Edition, is a developer tool for using the Java computer language. Programmers use this language to develop software and Internet applications. As of April 2010, the most recent Macintosh update for this tool is version 1.6. Mac OS X comes with Java SE already installed and ready to use. The Java update is free on the Mac, and the 1.6 update can be downloaded using the Mac software update tool.

Step 1

Close your Safari web browser.

Step 2

Click the Apple button at the top of the screen and select "Software Update." If there is an older version of Java and you want to upgrade to 1.6, the update will be listed.

Step 3

Enter the administrator username and password (if applicable).

Step 4

Click "Install" next to the Java software update. The computer will automatically complete the update.