How to Download Movies Faster

By Andrew Smith

Downloading movies onto your computer can allow you to enjoy those movies without having to be on the Internet at the time you want to watch the movies. Unfortunately, downloading movies can take quite a bit of time, regardless of your Internet connection. There are several programs you can download that claim to "accelerate" your movie downloads. Not all of these programs are necessarily safe, however. Here are two programs you can use to download movies faster.

Step 1

Download the "Download Accelerator Plus" program.

Step 2

Install "Download Accelerator Plus." At the end of the installation, another program, "SpeedBit Video Accelerator," will be recommended to you. Download this program, as well.

Step 3

Install the "SpeedBit Video Accelerator." This program will allow you to download movies from popular websites, such as YouTube and Daily Motion.

Step 4

Open the URL for the movie that you wish to download. Once you have opened that URL, you should copy the URL.

Step 5

Open "Download Accelerator Plus."

Step 6

Click the "Downloads" tab at the top of the screen. Once you do, you can choose "Add New Download." Paste the URL in the box and click "OK" to download the movie.

Step 7

Make downloads outside of Download Accelerator Plus faster by clicking on the "Tools" option. Then, choose "Options." On the left side of the screen, click "Connection." Once you do this, you will be able to enter your Internet connection speed. Click the "Acceleration Mode" text box to change the speed of your downloads. Click "Close" when you are done.

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