How to Download Ringtones With Zedge

By Andrew Schrader

Zedge is a website that offers free accessories for your cell phone, including ringtones, themes, wallpapers, games, and videos. Users can also make their own voice ringtones by typing text and adding music and sound effects. Downloading ringtones with Zedge is an easy process; however, non-members are only allowed to download certain "featured free ringtones" that others have created. For downloading copyrighted material—and to upload your own ringtones—you must sign up with Zedge. According to their 2010 terms of agreement, your cell phone bill will be charged an additional $9.99 each month.

Things You'll Need

  • Zedge (see Resource 1)

Step 1

Visit to decide whether you want to download their free ringtones, or whether you want known artists' music as your ringtones. If you choose the latter, you must sign up; first, by entering your cell phone number.

Step 2

Check your cell phone for a text message from "Thumbplay," which contains a temporary password. Entering this password on the Zedge website confirms your willingess to pay the monthly fee.

Step 3

Enter your password on

Step 4

Search for an artist or song and simply click "Download."

Step 5

For featured free ringtones, simply click the play button to listen. Click the "Get Ringtone" icon.

Step 6

Choose whether you want the ringtone sent to your cell phone, or whether you want to download it directly to your computer and click the appropriate button.