How to Download Video in Firefox

By Ashli Norton

When browsing some of your favorite video websites like YouTube and Vimeo, sometimes having access to the video on the Web is just not enough. Having access to that video at all times right from the comfort of your home on your computer may be much more convenient and helpful to you.Downloading videos from the Internet using your FireFox browser is simple. By just using a FireFox Plugin named "Video DownloadHelper" you can download your favorite videos within FireFox.

Things You'll Need

  • FireFox (latest version)
  • Video DownloadHelper Plugin

Step 1

Open "FireFox" on your computer.

Step 2

Visit the "Video DownloadHelper" plug-in page to download the plug-in.

Step 3

Click on "Add to Firefox." Allow the Video DownloadHelper plug-in to install and FireFox to restart.

Step 4

Reopen FireFox.

Step 5

Visit the website from where you would like to download a video.

Step 6

Click on the animated DownloadHelper icon in your FireFox 'Navigation Toolbar.'

Step 7

Click on the small black triangle right beside the icon.

Step 8

Select the name of the file from the list you wish to download to begin the download. Give your video some time to download.

Tips & Warnings

  • The DownloadHelper icon must be animated to indicate it can download a video from a particular page.