How to Download YouTube Songs as MP3s

Considering the amount of live performances, television clips and radio shows available on YouTube, users may want to download the streaming videos as MP3 files. The Internet provides several options for users wanting to convert YouTube videos, with some with processes taking place directly in a browser while others require a downloaded program to convert each video file. These third-party options allow YouTube users to turn a connection-dependent, streaming experience into a permanent entry in their audio library.

Video of the Day

YouTube users can convert video to audio files using various methods.


Copy the link of your YouTube video from the address bar. Go to the Video2MP3 website and paste the link into the "Video URL" box. Select "Standard Quality" or "High Quality," depending on your preference. Click the "Convert" button. Click "Download MP3" after the file finishes converting in the browser to acquire the file.


Copy the URL of your video from the address bar on the YouTube website. Go to the Listen to YouTube website. Select the quality you want for the audio and click the "Go" button. Select "Download MP3" after the video finishes converting to the audio file.


Download the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter from the CNET download website. Click on the program to follow the steps and install Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. Open the program. Copy the URL of your video from the address bar on the YouTube website. Click "Paste" within the program and select your output folder. Change the presets to your preferences and click "Download." Go to your output folder to find your audio file.

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