How to Download YouTube Videos Using IDM

By David Weedmark

If you have purchased Internet Download Manager, or you're using the free 30-day trial, you can download videos from websites including YouTube. After installing the software, it is enabled as an add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox, and as an extension for Google Chrome. Once you enable the feature on your favorite Web browser, a download button appears above any video you're watching, giving you the ability to download the video as MP4 or FLV files.

Step 1

Download the [Internet Download Manager]( Close all of your Web browser windows and then run the installation program.

Step 2

Launch Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. A message should appear in the Web browser window stating that the IDM Integration add-on or extension is ready to activate. If you don't see this message, restart your computer and try again.

Step 3

Launch YouTube and select a video. When the video begins to play, you'll see a "Download This Video" button directly above the video.

Step 4

Click the "Download This Video" button and select your download preference from the drop-down menu. These options can vary depending on the video. For example, if you are downloading a video with a maximum 320p resolution, you won't be able to download a high-definition version.

Step 5

Specify a category for the video and add a description if desired. By default, videos are stored in your Download folder. However, you can change the destination folder as well as the file name. Select whether you want to download the video now or later. When the download is complete, the app gives you the option to open the video immediately using your choice of video players or to see the file in File Explorer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Downloading videos from a website without the creator's permission may be a violation of its copyright. Contact the copyright holder or familiarize yourself with copyright fair use exceptions before downloading a video.
  • Downloading videos from YouTube that you did not post yourself is usually a violation of Google's terms. If you're uncertain whether a video can be downloaded or not, read Google's terms of service.