How to Edit a Song on My Computer

By PS Gilbert

The exchange of music digitally has become a global pastime. Songs come in various audio formats such as MP3, WAV or AIFF. For you to edit these songs you will need different types of audio software.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Window Media Player
  • Reaper Audio Software

Editing with Windows Movie Maker

Step 1

Open your Windows Movie Maker software. Import the desired song by clicking the "Audio or Music" option under the Task side bar. A thumbnail of the chosen song will show up in your imported media section. Drag the thumbnail down to the time-line. Right click on the song and options will appear. These options include a basic "Volume" level and "Fade In" or "Fade Out" choices. Pick your desired option.

Step 2

Move your cursor over the start or end of the song to shorten or loop your audio file. Two red arrows will appear. Move forward or backward for desired length. Right click the song to loop and select copy. Go back to the time-line and, at the end of the song, click on the time-line so the green editing line is where you desire. Right click and hit "Paste." The song will appear again. Drag song over to blend both songs to your desire, you can repeat this as many times as desired. Note that the longer the song file, the longer the time to process and save.

Step 3

Click “Publish” under the left side bar in order to save an audio file. Name the song file in the window that comes up and click "Next." A window for settings will appear, it will default to best quality. Click “Publish” and the song will be saved as a WMA file. Click "Launch" to listen to the song or save to a file, the player will give you will give you either option.

Editing with Reaper

Step 1

Open your Reaper Audio software. The interface will open a new file automatically. Go to the top toolbar, click "Insert" and chose "Media File." Import your desired file and Reaper will process the song, which will show up on the edit time-line.

Step 2

Right click on the song and chose the “Item Properties” option. Left click to grab the lever next to the “Normalize” button, the lever toggles left to right. Move lever to the left and reach -5.54db center. This level will equalize the sound to where you can play comfortably on all players. Levels vary, so play with it till you find desired sound peak. Click "Play." If peak levels hit in the red during playback, adjust lower until it’s in the green.

Step 3

Move cursor over to the song on the time-line to clip the length of your file. Left click to grab the beginning or end of the song and move your mouse point to desired point of new beginning or ending. Mouse over the beginning/ending of the song until a triangle with two white arrows appears, keep left click down until you move your mouse over to the desired point for fade in/out effect.

Step 4

Save the audio file by clicking the “File” option. Hit the “Save as” choice. Reaper will save the file as a Reaper project. Click “Render” under the same “File” option. A “Render as File” window will appear. Select the bar menu to the right of the “Output Format” button. Pick the desired audio format WAV., MP3 or AIFF, and hit the “Render” button. The file will render and give you a status till completed. Click "Launch" to listen to the song or save to a file, the player will give you will give you either option.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reaper software - you can download this for free.
  • Reaper software - There are many editing options that Reaper offers, but for this article stay with the basics, volume levels and song length.