How to Edit MPG Files

By Quinten Plummer

Editing out unwanted portions of your MPEG (.MPG) video files can be a relatively quick and simple process with the right tools---and doesn't take a powerful computer or expensive software. With the help of some simple video editing software, you trim down your MPG files, editing out the unwanted portions of the video while leaving the original file unharmed.

Things You'll Need

  • Free Video Dub

Step 1

Download a copy of Free Video Dub from a secure website (see Resources below), and save the file to your desktop. Launch the executable file after the download has completed to begin the installation process.

Step 2

Open the program. Locate the MPG file you'd like to edit. Click and drag the file into the large white window in the Free Video Dub program menu.

Step 3

Drag the slider along the video time line to the point in the MPG video where you want to begin to trim. Use the playback buttons to play, stop and skip through the video.

Step 4

Press the left "Trim" button to set a start point on the time line for where you'd like the edit to begin. Move the slider along the time line to the end point of your edit, and then click the right "Trim" button to set an endpoint.

Step 5

Click on the "Review" button to play back your edit, and then click the "Delete" button to edit the portion out of your MPG video file. Follow the trimming process as many times as you'd like to edit the video to your liking.

Step 6

Click the button labeled "Save Video" in the bottom right corner of Free Video Dub to save the edited video. The edited video will appear in the same file folder as the original file with the ending "_CUT.mpg" added to the end of the title.

References & Resources