How to Email Folders With Lotus Notes

By LizaK

Lotus Notes is an email program from which you can send and receive emails, as well as send files and attachments via the Internet. Folders have always presented an interesting, if sometimes frustrating, challenge when emailing, because they are quite large. However, you can easily attach a folder and email it through Lotus Notes by compressing the folder before you attach it. Zipping a folder or file can reduce the size greatly.

Things You'll Need

  • Zip file utility program

Step 1

Download a zip program, like WinZip or Winrar, or another type of zip program, if you don't have one installed. Check to see if there is a zip program installed by right clicking on the folder and selecting "send to." If "zip" appears, you already have it. Many computers have a zipping utility file.

Step 2

Right click on the folder.

Step 3

Select "Send to."

Step 4

Select "zip file." The program "zips" the folder, and turns it into a file that is compressed.

Step 5

Go into your Lotus Note email program and open up a new message. Address it and write the text.

Step 6

Click on "attach file."

Step 7

Click on "browse" to find the compressed file that contains the folder.

Step 8

Click "attach" after you find the zip file.

Step 9

Send the email.

Tips & Warnings

  • The receiver will need to "unzip" the file to read the folder contained therein. If he doesn't have a zipping program, he can quickly download it onto any computer directly from the zipped file itself.