How to Email Your Contacts

By Michelle Varsallona

An email "Contacts List" stores all of your contacts saved through the email program. Some email services even temporarily store contacts that you send mail to even if you don't save them to your official "Contacts List." This is just in case you need the address in the future again. You do not have to type in the person's address each time you send a mail; you can simply choose the person from your contacts. This makes sending a mass email less of a pain, as well.

Step 1

Open your email program or Web browser email.

Step 2

Log in to your email account.

Step 3

Click the "New" or "Compose" button to start a new, blank email.

Step 4

Click the "To" button or the link left of the "To" text box.

Step 5

Select one or more contacts from the list of contacts that appears (there may also be a "Select All" option). In some email programs the selected contacts will appear in the "To" box automatically, while in others you must compile your "To" list and click a button to add the contacts to the "To" box. This button may be "Done," "Insert," "Add" or any variation of these three options.

Step 6

Add different contacts to the "CC" list in the same manner as the "To" list just by clicking the "CC" button/link.

Step 7

Give the email a subject and type your message in the body of the mail.

Step 8

Click "Send" when you are done to send the message to all of the selected contacts.