How to Embed Excel Files In Microsoft Word

The programs in the Microsoft Office Suite don't just look similar and have ribbons, tabs and buttons that function the same, the software products also seamlessly integrate directly into each other. Use an existing Excel spreadsheet to highlight data in a Microsoft Word document, while preserving the spreadsheet's original layout and content.

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Embedding the Chart

Launch Word 2013 and open a new or existing document. Click the "Insert" tab. Click the "Object" button on the Text section of the ribbon. The button is unlabeled but looks like a blue window. Hover your cursor over the buttons and look for the "Object" pop-up tool tip. Click "Object" from the small drop-down menu. When the Object window opens, click the "Create from File" tab. Browse to the Excel file and double-click it to embed it into the Word document.

Accessing the Chart

Once the chart is in the document, double-click anywhere on it to open the "Chart in Microsoft Word" window. This lets you edit the chart directly from Word, instead of going back to Excel and repeating the process from scratch. This is optimal when you need to adjust data points, make changes to charts, format fonts and more. Click off the chart to close the Excel window and return to the document with the spreadsheet embedded and updated.

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