How to Empty the Clipboard in Windows

The clipboard function in Windows 8 stores the last snippet of text, graphic or file location you copied to aid in moving data using the Paste function. This data remains in temporarily storage until you shut down, log off or restart the computer. If the last thing you copied contained sensitive information, however, you may not want the data remaining on the clipboard. Although you could copy something else to overwrite the previously copied data, using a handy command immediately empties the clipboard.

Clearing the Clipboard

Entering the command "echo off | clip" (without quotes here and throughout) at the Command Prompt clears the clipboard, but it requires that you manually open the Command Prompt window. A slightly quicker option is to press "Win-R" and then enter "cmd /c echo off | clip" in the Run dialog. Not only does this clear the clipboard, but it also stores the command in the Run dialog's drop-down menu to avoid typing it in the future. You could also enter the same Run command in a desktop shortcut for quicker execution. This shortcut could then be pinned to the taskbar or Windows Start screen for convenient access.