How to Empty the Trash in IPhoto

By Alexandra Haller

IPhoto is the digital photo suite application that comes embedded in each Macintosh computer. It is a registered Apple product. IPhoto makes it easy to share, upload, store and organize all of your pictures. Occasionally, you need to delete pictures for a variety of reasons and that is why it is important to know how to empty the trash in iPhoto.

Step 1

Open the iPhoto application. This is usually accessed through the iPhoto icon on your dock.

Step 2

Click on iPhoto on the source toolbar. From there select "Empty Trash." The keyboard shortcut for this is the Up arrow, Command (or Apple) key and Delete.

Step 3

You will receive a warning that asks if you want to delete the photos permanently. If you choose yes, you cannot undo the action. To continue, click the "OK" tab.

Step 4

Close out of iPhoto if you are done organizing your pictures or proceed to the next step in your iPhoto experience. Your iPhoto trash is now emptied.