How to Enable HTML Email

By Kayla Lowe

HTML email allows you to do exactly as its name implies---send emails composed with HTML. This can be ideal for a variety of emails in which you might want to place HTML code for pictures or videos or anything needing HTML code. But you cannot send an email in HTML unless you enable the HTML feature within your email client. Each email client has a different way of approaching the enabling of HTML.

Things You'll Need

  • Email account

Outlook Express

Step 1

Click "Tools." Click "Options." Click the "Send" tab.

Step 2

Check the "HTML" boxes located beneath the "Mail Sending Format" and "News Sending Format" headings. Uncheck the "Reply to messages using the format in which they were sent" box, according to

Step 3

Click the "Read" tab. Uncheck the "Read all messages in plain text" box.

Step 4

Click the "Security" tab. Uncheck the "Block all images and other external content in HTML email" box.

MSN Hotmail

Step 1

Log in to your MSN Hotmail account.

Step 2

Begin composing a new email message.

Step 3

Click "Show rich text." All your future emails will be written in HTML code, according to

Yahoo Mail Classic

Step 1

Select "Options." Select "Mail Options."

Step 2

Click "General Preferences" in the "Management" column.

Step 3

Select "Compose messages as color and graphics" from beneath the "Composing E-mails" selection.

Tips & Warnings

  • HTML will stay enabled in your email account until you change your preferences again.
  • Remember, you can't send an email with any HTML item in it if you do not enable the HTML option.