How to Factory Restore an ASUS Seashell

By David Clair

The ASUS Seashell line of personal notebook computers offers consumers a compact and lightweight machine with a distinctive shape that resembles a seashell. These notebooks come in a wide variety of models with assorted features. Every Asus Seashell computer has a system restore utility that will return the computer back to its factory defaults. All the applications and data that you have added to the computer are lost when you execute a recovery.

Step 1

Turn the Asus Seashell computer off. Plug the adapter into its socket if it is not already plugged in.

Step 2

Turn your Seashell notebook on. Press the "F9" key once as soon as the Asus logo appears on the display.

Step 3

Click "Recovery" in the ASUS Recovery menu. The restore procedure runs and your Seashell is reset to its factory defaults.

Tips & Warnings

  • Back up any important files before restoring your Seashell notebook to its factory settings.