How to Find a Phone Number in Ontario

By Richard Long

Canada411 offers a searchable database of telephone numbers for residences and businesses across Canada, including the province of Ontario. Canada411 gets its listing information from publicly available residential and business phone directories, as well as from major telephone service providers, such as Bell and Telus. Canada411 updates its telephone listing database on a monthly basis.Reverse Lookup, allowing users to find a name and address by entering a phone number, is also available, but residential and business telephone service subscribers who have requested that their numbers remain unlisted will not be listed on Canada411.

Step 1

Launch your Web browser and go to the Canada411 website.

Step 2

Enter the name of the person or business for which you need a phone number.

Step 3

Enter as much information as you know about the person's or business' location. You can include the street name, city name or postal code. If you do not have any information on the location, at least, you can enter Ontario.

Step 4

Click on "Find." The website will process your search terms and display the names, phone numbers and addresses of any matching results.