How to Find Estranged Family

By Laura ONeill

Family usually provides a source of comfort, security, and unconditional love. It is the foundation of who we are and, for better or worse, is a part of us. Unfortunately, sometimes relationships with family members can turn sour, or uncontrollable circumstances can separate you from members of your family. If you are estranged from a member of your family, there are ways to find and reconnect with them.

Step 1

Use the family member or members you are not estranged from as a resource. Contact family members and explain to them your desire to find your estranged relative. Family members are likely to have contact information or know his last known address or phone number to help in your quest to find and reconnect with him.

Step 2

Search your local phone book or call information for contact information on your estranged family. If you know the city or county that the estranged family member lives in, you can search your local phone book for their contact information or use the services of free 411. Free 411 is a free telephone directory assistance and can be contacted by calling 1-800-FREE411.

Step 3

Perform a general Internet search for the estranged family member's name. Use a search engine or a website that allows you to search for information on people to help come up with information on the family member you hope to find. is one such website that allows you to do so for free.

Step 4

Use any information you have about your estranged family member. If you know the last place of employment, contact them and see if your relative has any recent contact information. If they were an active member in any organizations or clubs, contact the organizations and see if they can be of help in your quest to reconnect with your family. Use any and all information that you can.

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