How to Find iTunes Files in Finder

By Contributing Writer

The iTunes media software is a versatile program that can help you manage your music. However, sometimes you need direct access to your music files, beyond what iTunes can provide. Manipulating the files themselves makes it easier to delete some songs or transfer them to another computer. Knowing how to find any music file you are looking for in your computer's Finder is the best way to get complete control over your digital music library.

Through iTunes

Step 1

Open iTunes by clicking the icon on your dock.

Step 2

Locate the song you would like to view in your Finder.

Step 3

Hold down the "Control" key and click on the title of the song.

Step 4

Select "Show in Finder" from the drop-down menu.

Through Finder

Step 1

Open the Finder by clicking its icon on your dock.

Step 2

Click "Macintosh HD."

Step 3

Click "Users."

Step 4

Select the User profile that contains the music files you are looking for.

Step 5

Click "Music."

Step 6

Click "iTunes."

Step 7

Click "iTunes Music."

Step 8

Scroll down the list until you find the song you are looking for. Songs are grouped together by artist.