How to Find my IP Address

There are several methods of finding your IP Address. This article is intended to outline a few of these.

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Your IP Address should be thought more as your computer's phone number than it's address, if you have multiple connections, you have multiple IPs if you dont have a connection, you dont have an IP. Without further delay If you need your computers IP address:


This will work in almost every case, it simply requests the website's server to tell you what your IP is.

I have included a link at the bottom to make things easier.


If you are in a network and need your computers local address. Hold the windows button (looks like the windows banner, usually between left ctrl and left alt) and press 'R'. A box will display, and type in "cmd.exe" and hit enter. The 'command prompt' will display, a black screen with white lettering. Simply type in ipconfig. This gives information on all your internet connections. Look for the line "IPv4 Address".


If you need to find the IP of a current connection you can type (from the command prompt) "netstat". This will give you all your current connections. To identify a specific one, the easiest way is to run it before you establish the connection then again afterwards.


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