How to Find My WEP or WPA

Wired Equivalent Proxy (WEP) defines the most basic type of encryption that protects information sent via a wireless connection from prying eyes. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) provides a higher level of encryption and therefore, protection. Determine which type of security your wireless connection has by accessing your router's settings.

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WPA offers more advanced protection than WEP.


Find your router's IP address. Each brand of router has its own IP address. Linksys: Netgear/DLink: Belkin:

If you have a different router, search online for your router's brand name and "IP address."


Enter your router's IP address into a web browser. This will open your router's administrator and settings page.


Click "Security" to display your security information. From here, you can see which type of encryption you currently use, WEP or WPA, change encryption type, passwords and other account information.


Save all changes and exit.

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