How to Find Out Any Phone Number or Address

By Techwalla Contributor

Need to know who's phone number you have on your phone but just are not sure? Need an address of someone? Want to find out who the heck is calling you night after night? Now you can.......

Things You'll Need

  • a phone number
  • or an address
  • or a name or business

Step 1

Ok so you got that phone number on your phone that keeps on calling you but you don't know who the heck it is! You may have even tried calling the number back and there's no answer and the voice mail has no voice to it. Hmmm should you leave a message, NO! Do this instead.....go to www.anywho's website and at the top click on reverse lookup.(look at resources) Type in the phone number with the area code and click Find. If this does not bring up the name of the person with there address then follow step 2.

Step 2

So the number did not show up on anywho. Usually that means that it is a mobile or unlisted number. Go to Reverse Genie's website. (listed in resource's.) On this website you should be able to type in a mobile phone number or landline, even an email address or house address and obtain a phone number with address.

Step 3

Also on anywho's website if you only have someone's address but need there phone number you can look up by address. If you have the Iphone there is a pretty sweet app for looking up people. In the app search type phone or anywho and see what apps are out there!

Tips & Warnings

  • This is a good way to make sure someone is who they say they are, especially if your meeting someone from over the internet, perhaps through craigslist to sell something.
  • Use Reverse Genie to find virtually anyone

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