How to Find Out What Toolboxes Are Installed in MATLAB

By Zicheng Ren

Over time, especially as you complete various projects using MATLAB, you may find you have forgotten which toolboxes you have installed, deleted or updated. Plus, MathWorks routinely creates new toolboxes and updates old versions. In addition, when you install MATLAB, it doesn't come with every single available toolbox. There is a simple way to determine all of the toolboxes you currently have on MATLAB and to find out whether they are the most recent versions or not. In MATLAB R2014b, use the "ls" and "ver" commands in the Command Window to get all the information you need.

Step 1

Type "ls(toolboxdir("))" without the quotation marks in the Command Window in MATLAB. The "ls" command instructs MATLAB to list the items it finds in the designated directory, and "toolboxdir()" is the directory for toolboxes. Put one quotation mark inside the toolboxdir() parentheses to have MATLAB return every toolbox in the directory.

Step 2

Scan the list of installed toolboxes. Choose a toolbox for which you need more information; for example, "signal."

Step 3

Type "ver('signal')" without the quotation marks into the Command Window to check the version of the toolbox entitled "signal." "ver" stands for "version" and returns the full name of the toolbox and the version information.

Tips & Warnings

  • Typing "ver" without quotation marks lists all of the products in MATLAB, which includes all the toolboxes.
  • If you only want to check whether or not MATLAB has one specific toolbox instead of listing all toolboxes, use the toolboxdir() command. Enter the name of the toolbox you are searching for inside the parentheses like so: toolboxdir('control'). If MATLAB has that toolbox installed, it returns the file path to the toolbox; otherwise, it tells you the toolbox was not found.