How to Find Personal Photos

By Kevin Lee

When you place personal photos on the web, they become the world's property. Anyone can find them if they know where to look. Google software, for example, can identify photos that you upload by camera model. Different cameras, such as Sony, Nikon and Canon, leave identifying tag information when you share your photos on websites. By searching for that tag information, you can view personal photos that others shared on the web using their digital cameras.

Step 1

Open your usual search engine, such as Google or Bing. Type "DSC00001.JPG" in the search box and click "Search." The search engine will return a list of search results.

Step 2

Locate the "Images" link. Click that link. The search engine will display the first personal photos taken with Sony digital cameras. The number "00001" in your search term "DSC00001" identifies the photo as the first.

Step 3

Enter "DSC00002.JPG" in the search box and click "Search." The search engine will return the second photo that some people took with their Sony cameras.

Step 4

Enter "DSC00001.JPG xyz" in the search box. Replace "xyz" with any word, such as "mountain." Click "Search." The search engine may return private photos taken with Sony digital cameras that contain mountains. By using different values for "xyz," you may be able to view a variety of interesting images on topics that interest you. Since these are personal photos, you only see real-life scenes uncluttered by images from commercial sites.