How to Find Swift Numbers (Swift Codes)

By Techwalla Contributor

Swift is a communication network used by banks, brokers, financial institutions and corporations to exchange messages. Institutions send each other messages over the network to confirm trades or to expect a wire transfer as examples. Swift is owned by the network's members. The Swift organization issues the Bank Identifier Numbers or BIC. The BIC is required to be included in all messages between the banks using the Swift network. Swift issues the Business Entity Identifier or BEI for non financial corporations on the network. The Swift numbers are valid worldwide.These are ideas on how to search for a Swift number, BIC or BEI.

Step 1

Determine the institution's name and address. Find out if the company is part of the Swift network. If the business is not part of Swift it won't have a Swift code assigned.

Step 2

Contact the bank, corporation or institution that will receive the message and ask for their Swift number. The best departments to contact will be the Trading, Wire Transfers or Securities Settlement areas of the company.

Step 3

Visit the Swift internet site at Enter the bank or corporation name and do a search. The search results will provide the number (s) assigned to the company by Swift. The basic search is free, for more detailed information, a paid subscription is required.

Step 4

Arrange for alternative methods of communication if you can't find a Swift code for the bank, broker or corporation. Try sending an e-mail or a fax or calling over the telephone.