How to Find the Last Modified Date of a Web Page

By Marcie Thomas

There are times when you may need or want to know the date a web page was last modified. Sometimes web designers make this date plainly visible on the page, but often they don’t. Even when the date isn’t visible, it may still be possible to determine the last modified date.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Explorer or Firefox

Step 1

Open an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser window.

Step 2

Navigate to the desired web page, either by typing the URL in the address bar or by clicking on a Favorite or Bookmark.

Step 3

Once the page has loaded, in the address bar, type “javascript:alert(document.lastModified)” (without quotes). A pop-up window will appear with the page's last modified date and time.

Tips & Warnings

  • The date last modified information is only accurate if it’s regularly updated (either manually or programmatically) by the owners of the page.