How to Find Year Model of a Husqvarna 55

By Rachel Moore

The Husqvarna brand of chainsaws is commonly used in the forestry industry, especially in the western states. Husqvarna is the maker of numerous chainsaws including the Husqvarna 55 Ranger. Husqvarna manufactured the Husqvarna 55 Ranger chainsaw over the course of several years. In the event that your chainsaw needs replacements parts, knowing the model year comes in handy. If you don't know the model year, finding it may be as simple as looking at the serial number.

Step 1

Look on the rear side of your Husqvarna 55 chainsaw. Note a metal plate located on the upper-right side, lower right side, upper-left side or the lower-left side of the saw.

Step 2

Read the numbers of the plate. There are two numbers listed. There's a number on top and a number below it. The number on top is the part number and the bottom number is the serial number.

Step 3

Examine the serial number. The first 2 digits of the serial number indicate the model year. For example, if the serial begins with 04 then the model year is 2004.

Tips & Warnings

  • In some cases the first digit denotes the model year such as six meaning 06 or 2006. In some serial numbers the first four digits are the model year such as 20061000001.