How to Fix Active X Error 429

By Jason Candanedo

Microsoft Windows experiences Runtime Error 429 when the computer user attempts to access webpages that contain content that utilizes Active X and the Microsoft Windows script is not updated. When the script is not up to date, it is not sufficient or advanced enough to access the newer Active X components. This is the root cause of Runtime Error 429. However there is a solution for this issue. Microsoft offers a downloadable script update that will solve this problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Access

Step 1

Log onto the Microsoft Windows Script website (see Resources) to download the script update that will fix Runtime Error 429.

Step 2

Click on the "Download" button. Click the "Save" button in the "File Download-Security Warning" dialog box.

Step 3

Select a location on your hard drive to download the update to. When you choose a location, click on the "Save" button in the "Save As" dialog box.

Step 4

Find the download in the location on your hard drive that you chose in step three and double click the executable file. Click on the "Run" button in the "Open File-Security Warning" dialog box.

Step 5

Confirm that you want to install the "Windows Script 5.6" update by clicking on the "Yes" button. Click the "Yes" button after reading and agreeing to the license agreement. The update will install to your computer. It may take several minutes.

Step 6

Click the "OK" button in the "Windows Script 5.6 is now installed!" box to finish the installation. The Runtime 429 error should no be fixed and eliminated.