How to Fix an Error 1628

By C.A. Rubino

Virtually every program and application used on a Windows-based personal computer requires that application to be installed. The installation not only moves required files to their proper location on the hard drive, but also creates system registry entries and other tasks to allow the program to run in the Windows environment. Many programs use a built-in tool called InstallShield to complete this process. If the installation fails, a generic 1628 error message is created. This error could indicate a problem accessing the install files or it could be an issue with InstallShield itself.

Clean Installation Disc

Step 1

Check the installation disc for any fingerprints, scratches or smudges. If the data is unable to be read from the disc, the 1628 error message may be generated.

Step 2

Use a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with water to gently clean the disc. Wipe from the inside of the disc directly outwards, never in a circular pattern.

Step 3

Attempt to reinstall the program after cleaning the disc. If the disc is clean and the error persists, there may be a problem with InstallShield.

Repair InstallShield

Step 1

Disable running process of InstallShield. They may have crashed and need to be restarted. Access the task manager by pressing "Ctrl+Alt+Del"and selecting task manager. Under the processes tab disable "idriver.exe" and "msiexec.exe."

Step 2

Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Common Files." Right click on the "InstallShield" folder and select "Rename." Change the folder name to "InstallShield1" and press enter to confirm it. Run the install again; Windows will attempt to reinstall the needed InstallShield files.

Step 3

Download Windows Installer from Microsoft, if the install produced the 1628 error after renaming the InstallShield folder. The downloaded file will check that your version is up-to-date. Older versions may have latent bugs or errors and be incompatible with what you are trying to install.

Step 4

Create a new user account with administrator rights. Log out of the current user account and into the new account. This will help eliminate any user rights conflicts that may be causing the 1628 error message.

Step 5

Attempt to install the program again. If the 1628 error appears again, than there may be something wrong with the install medium such as a scratched and damaged disc or faulty reader. Alternatively, a corrupted file in the operating system or virus can also cause the 1628 error message.

Tips & Warnings

  • If multiple programs produce 1628 errors after completing all the troubleshooting steps there may be something seriously wrong with the operating system, such as a virus infection. At that point it may be worth making a backup of any important data and performing a system recovery. This will reset the computer back to the factory standards and eliminate the problem causing the 1628 errors. This option may require you to reinstall many programs on your computer.