How to Fix BPD Software

By TS Jordan

BPD software is classed as "badware" rather than malware or a virus, which means you don't want it on your system even if it's not noticeably malicious. Disabling the BPD software on your computer should remove the repeated error message at startup requesting that you insert the BPD software disc into your computer. Accomplish this by disabling BPD software from running at system boot, which stops the error message appearing. Scan your system with an anti-virus or malicious software tool to ensure complete removal.

Step 1

Click the **Windows-S** keys and type **msconfig** in the Search tool.

Step 2

Right click the **msconfig** program and select **Run as Administrator**.

Step 3

Click the **Startup** tab and uncheck the box next to BPD Software.

Step 4

Press **Apply** and restart your computer.

Step 5

Launch a free or premium virus and malware detection and removal tool to ensure you purge all traces of malicious software from your system.