How to Fix Corrupted PDF Files

By Susan Joyce

PDF files are created by Adobe Acrobat software. The format is a popular way to save document files so anyone can read them, regardless of operating system. PDF files can become corrupted so that they can't be opened. The main reason that a PDF file becomes corrupted is because of improper download. If you have a bad connection then the download will fail to complete correctly, and the file will show as corrupted.

Step 1

Remove the PDF file that was corrupted by sending it to the recycle bin then empty the recycle bin. Download the PDF file again from the original source. While the Acrobat is downloading the file, limit your computer usage, this will only take a few minutes so just walk away from the computer momentarily. Open the new PDF file once the download has completed.

Step 2

Remove your Adobe Acrobat Reader program. Click "Start" and select "Control panel." When the control panel opens find "Adobe Acrobat Reader" click on the program then select "Uninstall." Allow the program to complete the entire uninstall process.

Step 3

Reboot your computer by clicking the "Start" then select "Restart." When the computer is finished rebooting reinstall the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" from Download the latest version of the "Acrobat" for your computer's operating system. This will take a few minutes to complete the reinstall.

Step 4

Download the PDF file again by visiting the website that you obtained the corrupted PDF file from. The file should be able to open correctly, but if you are still getting a corrupted file, proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Download a PDF Recovery software program from the resource section and install on your computer. Follow the instructions given to recover the corrupted PDF file.