How to Forward MSN Mail to Gmail

By Rex Molder

If you have more than one email account, keeping up with your inboxes can become a time-consuming chore. To make things a little easier, you can use one of Hotmail's free features to have your messages automatically forwarded to your Gmail account. This will save you time having to log in to check your Hotmail account. This is especially useful if you only occasionally receive important messages in the Hotmail account.

Step 1

Open a web browser and log in to your Microsoft Live Hotmail account.

Step 2

Click the "Options" menu in the top-right corner of the screen and select "More Options."

Step 3

Click the "Email Forwarding" link in the first column of options under the "Managing Your Account" section.

Step 4

Click the radio button next to the "Forward your mail to another email account" entry and enter your Gmail address in the box.

Step 5

Click "Save" to activate email forwarding. All email messages you receive in your MSN Hotmail account will automatically be forwarded to your Gmail account until you turn off mail forwarding.