How to Forward Yahoo! Mail to Gmail Account

By Marie Cartwright

Email forwarding is a convenient way to keep all of your messages in one place. If you are making the transition from Yahoo! to Gmail, or if you would just like to consolidate all your emails into your Gmail account, you can set up your Yahoo! account to forward all messages to your Gmail. Yahoo! offers this service for free, and the menu options necessary are easily accessible. You will not need any special information other than your account details.

Step 1

Open the "POP & Forwarding" menu on your Yahoo! mail homepage.

Step 2

Enable "Forward your Yahoo! Mail." Type your Gmail address into the "Forward your mail to the following address."

Step 3

Click "Save Changes." A pop-up window will appear reading "Verify Email Address." Before Yahoo! can forward your email, it needs to confirm that you own the Gmail account. Click the "Send Code" link. Leave your Yahoo! page open.

Step 4

Open a new tab in your browser. Sign into your Gmail account. There should be an email from Yahoo! in your inbox with a verification code. Copy this code and return to the Yahoo! tab. Type the code into the verification field. Click "Done." Your Yahoo! account is now configured to forward email to your Gmail account. If you wish, you can send yourself an email to your Yahoo! account to confirm that the messages are being forwarded properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you wish to reply to the forwarded messages in your Gmail as if you were replying from your Yahoo! account, use Gmail's "Reply As" feature. This enables a drop-down menu when composing a reply, allowing you to select your Yahoo! address as your sending address. This feature can be found in Gmail's "Accounts and Import" menu (under "Mail Settings").