How to Get a Laptop Out of Sleep Mode

Sleep mode on a laptop computer is a great way to keep the computer ready for use while still saving battery power. By putting the computer into sleep mode, it enters a low-power state and can be "awakened" in a few seconds and be ready for use. This mode is a great compromise between shutting down the computer and leaving it on to consume battery power.

Get your laptop out of sleep mode.

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Put the computer to sleep properly by using the "Sleep" button on your laptop computer. You can also click on the "Start" button, select the triangle icon next to the "Lock" button and then select the "Sleep" option.


Wait until your computer has fully gone to sleep before trying to wake it. Trying to wake it before it has gone into sleep mode can cause it to take longer to come back out of sleep mode.


Move the mouse on your computer or press a key on the keyboard to wake the computer. If this does not work, try pressing the power button briefly one time. Be patient when waiting for the computer to wake up, as it can take several seconds to occur.

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