How to Get a Netflix Icon

By Filonia LeChat

Whether you receive a new movie four times a week through its DVD-delivery service or you are constantly streaming TV shows to your gaming system, Netflix's red-and-white logo has become an iconic media image. To add that simple artwork to your computer desktop, tablet or other device as an icon requires a slight manipulation of the logo itself. Although you could simply grab Netflix's logo off its website, taking the time to shrink it down to icon size properly will give it a more cohesive appearance, in line with your other icons.

Step 1

Open an Internet browser and navigate to

Step 2

Right-click the Netflix logo in the top-left corner of the website. Select "Save Picture As" and designate a saving location such as your desktop. Click "Save." Check the desktop for the red rectangular logo.

Step 3

Open a graphics program, such as Windows Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Open the logo. In Paint, click the "Paint" icon and select "Open." In Photoshop, click the "File" menu, and select "Open." Browse to the saved location of the Netflix logo and double-click the file name.

Step 4

Resize the logo to icon size, which is usually small. In Paint, click the "Resize" button on the toolbar. Click the "Pixels" radio button. Click into the "Horizontal" box and type "64." The "Vertical" box will auto-adjust. In Photoshop, click the "Image" menu and select "Image Size." Type "64" into the "Width" box at the top of the window. Select "pixels" and the "Height" box will auto-adjust.

Step 5

Click "OK" in both software programs. Resave the image by clicking Paint's "Paint" button and selecting "Save As" or Photoshop's "File" menu and selecting "Save As." Give the logo a new file name and click the "Save" button.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although most icons are square shaped, the Netflix logo is rectangular and therefore cannot be without causing serious harm to the integrity of the logo's appearance. Even though you'll be reducing the size of the logo to icon size, it will still have the look of a rectangle.