How to Get a WiFi Password

By James Wiley

Many times, people have their cable modem plugged in and ready, and have their computer on and are attempting to connect to their new Wi-Fi network. When using a network for the first time, you are always required to enter the network's password, and some people do not know where to find this. Finding a Wi-Fi password is simple, and once you set your enter your password, you will have the option of changing the password yourself to further protect your privacy.

Step 1

Go over to your modem and look underneath it.

Step 2

Locate the long password printed on the bottom. The password will be a series of numbers and letters. Write down the password so you do not forget it.

Step 3

Enter the password in the password box that comes up when attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi. After a few seconds, you should be connected to the Internet and able to surf.