How to Get Back a PayPal Gift

By Paul Higgins

While PayPal gift transactions are not covered by the Buyer Protection program, you may nevertheless be able to get your money back under certain circumstances.

Dispute an unauthorized gift transaction on PayPal by visiting the Resolution Center and opening a dispute.


  • Unauthorized transactions are payments a third-party user made without your consent — for example, if someone stole your password, used it to log in to PayPal and sent money to herself or to an accomplice.
  • PayPal does not allow you to dispute payments a family member may have sent after you shared your password with her.
  • Unlike transactions labeled as payments for goods or services, gift transactions are not covered under PayPal's Buyer Protection program.
  • If you mistakenly sent a monetary gift to someone using PayPal, consider asking that person whether she would be willing to refund the transaction. You can find the gift recipient's email in the PayPal transaction receipt.

Step 1

Visit the Resolution Center by logging in to PayPal and clicking the Resolution Center link in the menu.

Step 2

Click the Dispute a Transaction button.

Step 3

Select the transaction and click Continue.

Select the transaction you did not authorize by clicking the radio box next to it. Click the Continue button to proceed to the next page.


Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the list of transactions.

Step 4

Select Unauthorized Transaction and click Continue.

Select Unauthorized Transaction and click the Continue button. On the next page, click Continue.

Step 5

Fill in the form and click Continue.

Provide PayPal with an accurate and complete description of your claim by filling in the form. Click the Continue button and on the next page confirm your dispute. After receiving your claim, PayPal reviews the information you supplied and decides whether to grant you a full refund. The company informs you of its decision by email.