How to Get Car Customizing Software

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Many car hobbyists enjoy customizing or restoring cars. Nothing's quite as rewarding as putting your own signature on customization work, and like fine art, it expresses an owner's personality and style. With more aftermarket options available nowadays, drivers are fixing up their rides themselves. Before spending the bucks to change or restore your vehicle, get car customizing software to help you imagine your dream.

Step 1

Plan ahead. Know that customizing or restoring a car involves a lot of planning and work. Take the mental image of your customized car one step further-get car customizing software and see exactly what your car will look like before buying parts and disassembling it.

Step 2

Use "Wheelware" interactive software to virtually sample not only different wheels and rims for your car but also various paint colors from a vehicle color palette, a variety of car accessories and even a range of electronic media for inside your car. Request a free demo CD from the website before you purchase or watch a short demo online.

Step 3

Buy "Pimp My Ride" if you're an Xbox 360 or PlayStation enthusiast who also loves fixing up cars. Customize cars virtually and then race them. Fix up cars as if you're on MTV's show "Pimp My Ride" with Activision's video game, or join MTV's new "Virtual Pimp My Ride" world and participate in customizing a car as an avatar.

Step 4

Image different engines and engine parts with "VirtualEngineDyno." Get car customizing software to replicate modifying and building car engines before buying components and assembling engines.

Step 5

Check out additional software, such as "Restoration Manager" to keep on track with customizing or restoring a car. Label and organize parts; record how parts go together.