How to get DSL Internet Service Without a Phone Line

By Rebecca O'Brien

With more and more people using cell phones as their primary phone line, DSL Internet providers have created a new technology to allow consumers to use DSL Internet service without a phone line. This service is known as "dry loop" DSL, and runs through existing phones wires. You do not need to subscribe to phone line service to use it. Follow these steps to find out how to get DSL without a phone line.

Get DSL Internet Service Without a Phone Line

Step 1

Contact your local DSL provider(s). Speak to the sales staff and request information on dry loop DSL service. Not all providers will offer this service, so you may need to call multiple companies.

Step 2

Order the service. The price for dry loop DSL is often much higher than DSL with a phone line, but if the price is right, put in an order for the service. DSL service without a phone line requires more installation than service with a phone line, so you'll need to set up an installation date.

Step 3

Meet with the technician for installation. If you ordered a wireless router with your installation, your technician should install this as well.

Step 4

Make sure it works. Make sure that you've verified that your new dry loop service works before the technician leaves.

Step 5

Protect yourself. If the technician is unable to complete the installation that day, do not allow him to leave any items, such as routers or modems, in your home. Insist that he take those with him so you will not be charged for service that isn't functional.

Step 6

Use your dry loop service as you would any other Internet service.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can order dry loop service even if you have phone-line based DSL. Let your DSL provider know you are considering switching to another Internet service, such as cable. You may receive a temporary "retention discount" for remaining a customer.
  • Don't let sales staff talk you into ordering phone-line based DSL service. You may end up paying more than you would for dry loop service.