How to Get Hotmail on an Android Tablet

By Amy McClain

There are several Android-powered tablets on the market and most make email setup simple. Your tablet supports multiple POP3 email accounts, including Windows Live Hotmail. Once you've added your Hotmail account details, you'll be able to send and receive messages directly from your tablet. In most instances, your account settings will be retrieved by the setup wizard. If you receive an error message during activation, you'll need to enter a few settings manually.

Step 1

Touch the "Mail" icon, located on your home screen or in your list of applications. If you haven't added any email accounts yet, the "Choose A Mail Provider" screen will open automatically. Otherwise, touch "Menu" or "Options," then touch "New Account."

Step 2

Touch "POP3" or "Other POP3/IMAP," depending on your device. The setup screen displays.

Step 3

Type your full "" email address into the "Email Address" field. Type your password into the "Password" field. Touch "Next." The setup wizard will attempt to import your settings. If the information is available, you will be asked to enter your account name and your name on the next page. Touch "Finish." Otherwise, continue to the next step to enter settings manually. The "Incoming Server Settings" page will display.

Step 4

Enter your user name and password in the designated fields. Enter "" in the "Incoming Server" field. Enter "995" in the "Mail Server Port" field. Touch "Next." The "Outgoing Server Settings" page is displayed.

Step 5

Enter "" in the "Outgoing Mail Server" field. Enter "587" in the "Server Port" field. Touch "Next." Enter your account name and your name on the next page, then touch "Finish Setup."