How to Get Mac Mail to Capitalize the First Word in a New Sentence

By Jefe Nubarron

The default email client with Apple's OS X, Mac Mail, lacks a number of features that other email client applications offer -- including the ability to automatically capitalize the first word of a new sentence. You can add this feature to Mac Mail by installing WordService, a free system service that works with Leopard, OS X version 10.5 and Snow Leopard, 10.6, offering a number of other text formatting features in addition to capitalization.

Things You'll Need

  • WordService

Step 1

Download the WordService package to your Macintosh computer. WordService is freeware available from Devon Technologies. It saves as a zip file to your Downloads folder.

Step 2

Open Finder and navigate to your Downloads folder and then double-click on the file. This creates a WordService folder.

Step 3

Drag the WordService.service file in the WordService folder to the Services folder located in the Library folder in your home directory.

Step 4

Log out and log back in to activate the new services. Alternatively, you can restart the system, which will also log you out and log you back in.

Step 5

Compose a message in Mac Mail and highlight the text you wish to convert, or press the Apple "Command" key and "A" keys simultaneously to highlight all text and right-click. Select "Services" from the pop-up menu and then the "Convert" sub-menu, followed by the "Initial Caps of Words" option.

Tips & Warnings

  • Older Macintosh computers were supplied with a mouse that had only one button. If you have a single-button mouse attached to your Mac, you can always right-click by holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard while simultaneously clicking on your mouse. As of the date of publication, Apple's multi-touchMagic Mouse has no visible buttons, but can be configured according to individual preference.