How to Get Warglaive to Drop in "World of Warcraft"

By Charles Jackson

Although long since rendered obsolete, the legendary-quality items of past "World of Warcraft" games are much sought after, mostly because of their extreme rarity. The "Warglaive of Azzinoth" comes in two different forms, both of which have a four percent drop chance from Illidan Stormrage, the last boss in the level 70 raid, Black Temple. One of them is a main-hand weapon while the other is an off-hand weapon. They both have similar stats and look identical. For best results, you should be level 85 before continuing the following.

Step 1

Recruit a small raid of level 85 players to clear Black Temple. Since it is a level 70, 25-man raid, you should be able to clear it with four or five well-geared level 85 players including a healer, tank and off-tank. Most of the bosses cannot be soloed or even duoed because of their mechanics. Illidan Stormrage himself, however, has been soloed by certain exceptional players, usually Death Knights.

Step 2

Reserve the "Warglaive of Azzinoth" legendary drops for yourself should they drop. Make it clear that the items are reserved before inviting people to your group. This should not put many people off, however, since only Rogues, Warriors and Death Knights can even use the weapons and many are only interested in getting the achievement for completing Black Temple.

Step 3

Clear Black Temple. For the most part, there is little strategy and planning required at level 85, even for the end-boss himself. Make sure that every member of your group has plenty of time, however. Black Temple is a large raid instance and, even at level 85, can take some time to clear.

Step 4

Make sure that "Master Looter" is on before starting the encounter with Illidan Stormrage. Enable this by right-clicking on your character name and changing the loot policy. This is important, otherwise other members of the raid can roll on the Warglaive of Azzinoth if it drops.

Step 5

Run Black Temple every week. Like all raids, it resets weekly when all of the others do (the exact day depends on whether you play in Europe, US or Asia). Remember, each glaive has only a four percent chance of dropping. You will either be very lucky, or you may simply never get it at all.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure your party is aware of your intent to take the loot for yourself.