How to Get Wireless Internet in Rural Areas

By Greyson Ferguson

Wireless Internet has made accessing the Web far easier than it ever was before. No longer do you need to tether yourself to one desk and plug your computer into a cable before browsing the Web. Although wireless can be found throughout larger cities, it is possible to log on to the Internet in rural areas of the country with a wireless connection.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

Step 1

Perform a wireless search on your laptop. Double-click on the small wireless icon on the bottom-right corner of the desktop. This opens the wireless Internet connection options. Click "Select Connection" and the computer searches for any available wireless connections in the area. Although the computer most likely won't find any, it is worth a try.

Step 2

Connect a wireless router into your current DSL or cable connection. Set the wireless router next to the modem you use and insert the ethernet cable running out of the modem into the "Internet" port on the router.

Step 3

Power on your computer and open the Web browser. Look on the bottom of the wireless router for a Web address. Type this address into your Web browser and follow the steps to activate the router. Once this is complete, you can access wireless Internet in your home.

Step 4

Contact your cable or landline provider. Both of these companies most likely provide wireless Internet, so you can opt to have this professionally installed in your rural-area home. Set up a date and time window and the computer installs everything you need for you.

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