How to Handle Multiple Calls

By Anne Baley

As your business grows, you'll need equipment to handle increased customer contact. One of the first machines you'll need is a multi-line telephone. This phone has a rank of buttons on the base, below or next to the dial pad. It allows the user to deal with two, three or more callers at the same time, putting them in line and taking care of them one by one. Using a multi-line telephone is not difficult, but if you do it incorrectly, you'll inadvertently hang up on a valuable customer or other caller.

Things You'll Need

  • Multi-line telephone

Step 1

Answer the phone normally when the first call comes in. The call will ring through on the first line on your telephone. It will be the first button in line, either at the top or on the left. Push down the blinking button to connect the call, then pick up the receiver and speak normally.

Step 2

Excuse yourself from the call when a second call comes in. Put the first caller on hold by pushing down the hold button, then pushing the blinking line that indicates the second caller.

Step 3

Greet the second caller politely, then ask if he will hold for a moment. After he agrees, push the hold button and make sure it blinks to indicate the second caller is also on hold.

Step 4

Push the first line button to resume your call with the first caller. Conclude your call, then push the second button to reconnect with the second caller and hang up on the first one.

Step 5

Put customers on hold and reconnect with them as needed for multiple calls. As long as you have a line for each caller, the phone will keep each one on hold until you can answer it in turn.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check the base of the phone before leaving the area to make sure you didn't forget and leave a customer on hold.
  • The hold button must be lit or blinking before you hang up the receiver; otherwise, you'll hang up on the caller.