How to Hook Up Your Computer Speakers

By A. E. Hurt

Your computer experience is made up by three things: processing speed, graphics and sound. Any one of those three can keep you from being completely immersed in your program. Of the three, sound is the simplest to fix by exchanging external speakers for the speakers provided with your computer. All you have to do to add speakers is plug them in and turn on the speakers and the sound on your computer. No uncertainties involved at all.

Step 1

Check your cords. After unpacking your speakers, inspect your cords. There are two types of cords used to connect your speakers to your computer: USB and audio jacks. USB cords hook into USB slots on your computer. Audio jacks fit specific speaker connection slots. Speakers using USB cables are easier to transport from one type of computer to the next because audio jacks can come in more than one size. In most cases, you should also have a cord which will connect your speakers to a power source such as a wall outlet or surge protector.

Step 2

Locate the appropriate ports. On your computer, locate your USB port or your speaker port where you will plug in your USB or audio jack. Also make sure your power cable is long enough to reach the nearest power source for your speakers, if necessary.

Step 3

Plug your cords securely into the appropriate ports.

Step 4

Turn on your computer. Everything should boot up as normal.

Step 5

Make sure your speakers are on. Most are equipped with an indicator light to show when they are receiving power. They may come on automatically when plugged in or require you to either turn the volume knob or press the power button in order to turn them on.

Step 6

Play your sound. If everything plugged in and installed correctly, the speakers should work and you should hear some kind of sound. If you do not hear anything, go back and recheck all of your connections and whether or not your computer volume is turned up. Most computers have a volume indicator on the desktop where you can see if you have your sound enabled or not.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you do not have headphones plugged into the headphone jack at the same time you turn on your sound. Most computer automatically funnel sound through headphones when they are present, bypassing the speakers.