How to Import an Address Book From Verizon Email

By Terrance Karter

Your Verizon email account can be located both online in web-based email, and on your computer in computer- or system-based email. An address book in your Verizon mail works the same way as an address book in any email program. You store information, locate information and choose who to send messages to, all from your address book. If your contacts are stored in your Verizon email address book, you can easily transfer the entire address book to your new email account.

Step 1

Check to be sure your new email account allows you to import a contact list or address book. Click on your address book and see if there is a link labeled "Import contacts" or "Find contact list." Also check your Settings menu and your System menu, as well as your Preferences menu, to see if there is an "Import Contacts" link or button. Not all email accounts will have one. If you do not find one, you cannot import your Verizon address book into your new email account.

Step 2

Open your Verizon email. Click on your address book. Click on each of the drop-down menus at the top of your screen until you find "Save Address Book." Depending on your email program version, your operating system and your Verizon account, this option can appear at various places within your email account. Ask your Verizon representative if you can't find the option.

Step 3

Choose your desktop to save the address book. You can also choose a jump drive or a specific folder on your computer, as long as you remember where you saved it.

Step 4

Open your new email account. Click on your address book. Choose "Import contacts" or "Add Contacts." Depending on your email account, this option might be on the screen inside your contact list or address book, or in one of the drop-down menus regarding your account.

Step 5

Click "Browse" and find the saved address book on your computer. Click on it to choose it, and the program will convert your saved address book to the correct format and import the information into your new address book or contact list.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some email programs, like Gmail, have an "Import contacts" button that leads you to a screen where you will input your Verizon email address and password. Gmail itself will search your Verizon email account and import all of your contacts to your new email account. If your new email account has a function like this, it becomes a one-step process.