How to Increase 3G Internet Speed

By Joanne Cichetti

Third Generation technology, commonly known as 3G, enables cell phone users to easily access the Internet and provides features such as wireless video conferencing, wireless data transfer and video calling. Typically, 3G Internet speed goes up to 14.4 megabits per second (download) and 5.8 megabits per second (upload). If you’re having trouble browsing due to slow or inconsistent speed, a few steps can help you ensure maximum productivity.

Step 1

Restart your cell phone. Sometimes, restarting the phone boosts the signal strength, which consequently increases the download speed.

Step 2

Stop all other activities that use the Internet when downloading a particular file from the Internet; for instance, a streaming song or video. If you just let your PC focus on one file at a time, the download speed will stay consistent, and it will typically download faster.

Step 3

Avoid multitasking for the same reason as above. For instance, if you’re video conferencing with a friend, and you’re browsing several web pages at the same time, the bandwidth will be distributed among all tasks. As a result, the web pages will load slowly and the video chat will also be of poor quality. On the other hand, if you concentrate on one task at a time, the download speed will be much faster.

Step 4

Consider moving closer to the city if you rely too much on the Internet. Usually, cities have better 3G coverage than rural areas and, hence, provide faster download speed.

Step 5

Connect to the Internet in an outdoor environment or some open space. Generally, glass and metal reflect the wireless signal, causing it to bounce around and giving you an inconsistent download speed.